Any individual can become a member who is interested in the objectives of the Society, over eighteen (18) years of age, and a resident of the province of Alberta.

The annual membership fee for the High River Agricultural Society is:

  • $50 per year for a single membership.
  • $120 per year for a family membership (max of 4 people must live in the same household)
  • $150 per year for a family membership for over 5 people living in the same household.

The membership fee entitles the individual to the full privileges and responsibilities of membership, including the right to be elected to office and vote in the election for the Board of Directors.

Click the button below to download a pdf copy of our Membership Application Form and Waiver.



Riding Cards:

To All Our Members:

This year we will be implementing a membership card system. All members will receive a membership card or a riding pass. We will require that you have it available always during your use of our facility.

The 2017/18 Membership form has a new location for you to ad the club you are associated with.

Thank you advance for helping us with this new card system.
High River Agricultural Society

Riding Pass:

  • Single Riding Pass $250.00 Family riding Pass $350.00
  • Riding passes are based on two horses each additional horse is $10.00